Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wall Art

I bought this IKEA fabric ages ago with this project in mind.

I was de-cluttering my magazine collection.
I have Real-living since its inception in 2007!
I have always kept them for their good ideas....but never seem to have looked at them since.
So, Im going through them and tearing out the ideas I like and making a sort of design folder.
Pinterest in hard copy if you like!
Because hours spent on Pinterest are just not enough!!
When I saw this I knew I should get on with it and give it a go.

Off to the local discount art supplier for a canvas.
I bought a 91.4cm square one, $35. ( really 91.4!!!! couldn't possibly make it 1m??)

I ironed the fabric.
Already had my own staple gun.
The rest is history.

Hall way BEFORE


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Laundry Powder

Ive been thinking about making my own laundry powder for a while now.
Being down to the last few scoops of commercial powder was just the push I needed.
I bought all the supplies from my local Foodland supermarket.

There are hundreds of recipes out there.
I settled on the one on the Borax container!
1 bar velvet soap 4pk 500g $3.03 - 1 bar 0.75c
1 cup washing soda 1kg $3.15 - 1 cup 0.78c
1 cup borax 500g $3.99 - 1 cup $1.99
Total $3.52 for 600g
1 tbs per load = 0.11c

I grated the soap on a fine greater.
Really easy, I thought this was going to be areal chore.

Mixed it all together and gecided to run it all through the food processor to get a finer crumb.

looks like real washing powder!

I been using it for 3 weeks now and am really happy.
Smells great, I really love the lemon smell of the velvet soap.
Id also like to make my own dishwasher powder and liquid hand soap.