Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sun Shade

Have you seen this on Pinterest?

Ive made one for our Beach Holiday.

Im using 2 old tent poles to support it.
4.5m Ikea fabric includes enough fabric to make a nifty drawstring bag to carry it in.

I'll take a photo of it in action on Bondi Beach!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Chocolate balls

These chocolate balls are so yummy.
My Mum used to make them.
Nice to make them as gifts at this time of year.
Unfortunately, I've been too busy to make them until today.
But, I've been enjoying them, so that's ok!!

Chocolate Balls
6 weetbix, crushed
2 cups coconut
2 tbs cocoa
1 tin condensed milk

Mix it all together, roll/squish into balls, then roll in extra coconut.
Refrigerate until firm.
Eat and enjoy!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Magic Cave

Living in Adelaide, Christmas is just not Christmas without a visit to the Magic Cave.
Merry-go-round rides, a ride on the huge rocking horses Nipper and Nimble and a look in the windows at the elves making the presents, and of course a chance to sit on Santas knee and tell him you've been good all year.

Master J came prepared with a 5 page list!
I saw him google "cool toys for 9yo boys"!
Santa was very good and reminded him that he would try his best to bring a few things from his list, but he did have a lot of children to look after and wouldnt want them to miss out.
Master J, being 9, is starting to question the realness of Santa, but still isnt quite sure.

Miss S loved the ride on Nipper and Nimble, and only asked Santa for a Barbie Campervan.
I always wanted one of those when I was little, so its off to the shops again!!

Miss E asked for a Fairy!!
Oh Dear....but I did find a cute tinkerbell and her friend with the dark black hair and blue dress.
They are beautiful, and she will be happy.

My Mate, has his work Family Christmas Picnic tonight.
There is face painting, temporary tatoos, jumping castles, mini golf and a visit from Santa who gives really great presents.
BBQ, $2 wine/beer, free fairy floss, donuts,slushies and icecream.
Kids love it!!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Biscuits

We put up the Christmas Tree today after school.
Its starting to look more like Christmas around here now.
Our decorations are a mish-mash of ones from when I was a kid, ones made by the kids, and way too much tinsell.
A bit of a mess really, but just the way I like it.
The kids were so excited, I love listening to them chatting together.
Last week we made some Gingerbread biscuits using Janes recipe.

They are delicious.

Decorated by the kids with some store bought hideously bright coloured icing.
Both school kids requested to take extra the next day for their friends.
This batch didnt last long.
They'll be on the baking list for next week too.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My Creative Space

Miss S is invited to a Birthday Party next week.
I asked the girls Mother what she would like, and she asked for one of my doily t-shirts.
I only had one doily left from my last op-shop trip, I must be due for another one soon to re-stock!!

So I made the little girl a pink doily top, with some pink and clear/white buttons.
I really like it.
Im sure she will too.
And she needs something to wear it with ,so a little skirt was in order too.

Playing along with other crafty types here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tomato Relish

Tomatoes were $1.97/kg and were ripe and delicious.
I made some tomato relish.
We eat it as a spread on sandwiches and on the side with grilled steak, chicken or fish.

Ive had this recipe written on an old envelope for years.
I had called my Mum to get the recipe and wrote it down on whatever was at hand.

Tomato Relish
1.5kg tomatos
500g onions
1 tbs salt
2 cups sugar ( only use 1 cup, last year I found it to be too sweet)
3 tsp curry powder
1/4 tsp chilli powder
1 tbs dry mustard
2 cups brown vinegar

Chop the tomatoes and onions.
Sprinkle with salt and cover overnight.
Place in a saucepan.
Add sugar and stir over a low heat until dissolved.
Boil covered for 5 minutes.
Add the rest of the ingredients and boil uncovered for 1 hour.
Spoon it into sterilised jars.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ballet Costume Complete

I was not rostered on to work on Sunday,so we had friends over for lunch.
After they left, My Mate had a quiet lay down in the playroom for a snooze, the kids were happily playing outside, so I popped into the sewing room to do a bit more on the ballet costume.
2 glasses of champagne under my belt helped things along......

With no interuptions I got it finished in no time.

Saturday, after 0830 swimming lessons,we rushed into the city to see the Christmas Pagaent.
We have been every year and the kids love it.
Me, well not so much, but I still remember how much I loved it as a child and I try to remember that.
So, we were late because of swimming and couldnt find a carpark.
"Anyone want to go home and watch it on TV??"
A resounding "NO" from the back seat.
We walked 4 blocks, were 1/2 an hour late, and way up the back...but we were there!!
Popped the oldest 2 up on kind of awning of a building to get a birdseye view.
Miss E was happy to draw on the road with chalk until Santa came along.
Master J in charge of the camera up on the awning.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ballet costume embarrasment

So, the leotard came together quite quickly and looked great.
Thought Id just get it checked by the dressmakers befor I finished it off.

I had 2 of the back panels on the wrong way!!
I was so embarrased!
They reassured me that they had each done this before, and a quick unpick and re-sew and it would be all better.
I have done just that and am happy to report that it fits much better now.

On a side note,
I pinned this swimsuit on Pinterest a while ago.
I love its shape and of course I love anything red.
And it looks really good on this body that has not birthed 3 kids!!

So, when I saw this at Kmart for $19 well......I couldnt resist.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My creative space

Found this really cute "Little Indian" print at Spotlight this week.

Used some to embellish a onsie for a friends new little girl.
And a T-shirt for Miss E.

Have nearly finished the leotard I started yesterday.
It came together pretty quickly, will just get it checked by the dressmakers on Saturday to make sure its up to scratch.

Playing along today with Our Creative Spaces and Tea Rose Home.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ballet Costume

Miss S has been doing ballet for 3 years.
They have a large concert at the end of the year.
Ive made her costumes each year, and although it is the busiest time of the year, I really do enjoy it.
We are given our fabric and a rough pattern of the leotard to trace onto brown paper.

Each year I say have we got a set of instructions....(insert crickets)
No, we will just get on with it shall we!!!

So I pick the dressmakers brains and madly take notes.
Lets hope it looks something like everyone elses when Im done.
We've got a month the make it, but Im getting started now just in case.
Its a "star" costume.
Navy satin leotard, 3 layer navy net skirt with a jersey overlay with gold stars outlined in sequins.
Should look great on stage.

Monday, October 31, 2011

A good catch

Master J and My Mate went on their Annual Father-Son Camping trip over to Stansbury on the Yorkes Peninsula.
Previous years have not been so lucky with the fish biting!
BUT, this weekend they got a good catch.

2 Squid and 12 Blue Swimmer Crabs.
The good Mother that I am, felt obliged to cook them up!

I made salt and pepper squid.

Cleaned and cut up the crabs.

And made the most delicious Singapore Chilli Crab.
Recipe from Taste.com.auIm going to use the same sauce with prawns over summer.
The crabs are a bit too fiddly for me..... too much work for little reward!
But, caught by my boys...Delicious!
Master J is looking into buying a vintage caravan so he can go more often.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pizza night

Friday night is pizza night at our house.
It used to be Friday night take-out night, but it often led to expensive, dissapionting quality food.
So......Friday Night Pizza Night was born, and its here to stay!!!

Ive indefinitely borrowed my sisters bread maker (the revolving bread maker that has been to everyones house for a stint, but rarely used and then returned.)
She is on a health kick and is not eating bread so....its mine again.
It makes light work of the dough.
I put it in around 11am and just leave it there to rise all day.
I use Pioneer Womans recipe.

My Mate rolls the dough out really thin.
We always have the same toppings.
Organic tomato sugo, mozzarella cheese grated, fresh tomato slices, mild salami, kalamata olives and when cooked a sprinkle of fresh basil and danish fetta.

I dropped a friend of Master J's home after a play day, and they have pizza nights too!
Only they were roasting tomatos with garlic to make their own sauce......show offs!!!
I bet it was delicious.
I think we need to combine our pizza making efforts one day and have a non-competitive cook-off.

Friday, October 21, 2011


This granola is good.

Recipe from Ivy nest. I love her blog.
Super easy to make and drop dead delicious.
I may add coconut, chopped dates/apricot and maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon next time.
But it is really good as it is.
Give it a try.

Apple Pie

I made pastry!!

First time ever!
I knew I could do it but just never had.
Thought it would take a long time and it didnt.
Cant be bothered rolling it out, but it didnt take long.
Not sure it would be worth the effort, but it sure was.

Free form tarts always look so delicious.
Ripped this recipe from Australian Womans Weekly July 2011.
Looks just like the photo!

Ice-cream and custard. YUM.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Chicken Curry

This is one of my easy meals to put together if Ive had a busy day.

This brand can be hard to find, so when I do I stock up a few cans for the pantry.
Then all I have to buy is fresh chicken thighs and Im good to go.

Malaysian Chicken Curry
This recipe came from an advertisment for Ayam Brand curry sauce in a magazine.
1 tbs peanut oil
650g chicken thigh fillets, cut into bite size pieces
1 brown onion cut into wedges
1 large potato, peeled and diced
1x 250ml Ayam Malaysian Curry Sauce
1x 270ml Ayam Coconut Milk
1/2 cup water
Steamed rice, raita, mango chutney and papadams to serve.

Heat the oil in a wok over high heat.
Add half the chicken and cook until golden.
Transfer to a plate.
Repeat with other half of the chicken.
Add the onion and stir fry until soft.
Add potato and stir to combine.
Add curry sauce (I tip the extra layer of oil off the top), coconut milk and water.
Reduce heat to low and simmer, stirring occasionally, for 25 minutes, or until potato is tender.

1 small tub natural yoghurt
1 lebanese cucumber, grated
sprinkle ground cumin

Grate cucumber.
Squeese out excess liquid and discard.
Mix all ingredients together.

It tastes good.