Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pizza night

Friday night is pizza night at our house.
It used to be Friday night take-out night, but it often led to expensive, dissapionting quality food.
So......Friday Night Pizza Night was born, and its here to stay!!!

Ive indefinitely borrowed my sisters bread maker (the revolving bread maker that has been to everyones house for a stint, but rarely used and then returned.)
She is on a health kick and is not eating bread so....its mine again.
It makes light work of the dough.
I put it in around 11am and just leave it there to rise all day.
I use Pioneer Womans recipe.

My Mate rolls the dough out really thin.
We always have the same toppings.
Organic tomato sugo, mozzarella cheese grated, fresh tomato slices, mild salami, kalamata olives and when cooked a sprinkle of fresh basil and danish fetta.

I dropped a friend of Master J's home after a play day, and they have pizza nights too!
Only they were roasting tomatos with garlic to make their own offs!!!
I bet it was delicious.
I think we need to combine our pizza making efforts one day and have a non-competitive cook-off.


  1. Heehee - but we were using bought dough that time! Cheatzas. That looks delicious. I like the idea of making a regular pizza night. I bet the kids really look forward to it. Pizza cookoff sounds like a grand idea :-)

  2. It was Friday Pizza night at our house too.....we even invited guests to join us....great times to be had over homemade pizzas. x