Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smurfs at the Drive-in

This is what a family of five looks like at the drive-in!!!

We took plenty of snacks, swapped seats regularly and made 2 trips to the toilet.
A really fun night out for the family.
We were first-timers.
The seasoned Drive-in goers reverse the car in and sit in the back of the station wagon or 4 wheel drive, take sleeping bags, deck chairs, friends and wine.
Will do this next time.


  1. No cuddling in the back seat then. We haven't been to the drive-in since the boys were little but your experience sounds very similar the boys were in the car, out the car, front seat, back seat - just an all round great night.

  2. Drive ins are so much fun we had first trip with the kids back in May and we loved watching the regulars and their setups. Our kids loved it also.