Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LCM bars

I dont buy my kids the "real" LCM bars!
These on the other hand are delicious and I know whats gone into them.
So with school going back next week, heres a good quick recipe for the lunch boxes.

LCM Bars
This recipe came from my friend Sally who has it in one of her Thermomix books.

110g butter
100g sugar
2tbs honey
1tsp vanilla
150g rice bubbles
50g coconut

Melt butter, sugar,honey and vanilla in a saucepan.
Mixx into rice bubbles and coconut.
Press into a lined slab tin.
Refrigerate until firm.
Cut and eat!


  1. Oh yum. Must try them. Thanks.

  2. Great idea. We go through so many packaged 'bars' in school lunches, I really should cook more of these sort of things. Would be heaps cheaper too!