Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School Holiday Fun

Although I have 3 children at home to feed and entertain during the school holidays, that does not negate the fact that I get to sleep in until around 8.30.....or whenever I start to get the guilts that My Mate is up, dressed and trying to get out the door to work, and is having to get the kids breakfast! Not that he would complain....but it is a bit lazy isnt it??!!!

We have planted our summer vegie patch. Mixed lettuce, truss tomatoes, beetroot, basil, snow peas, beans, corn, cucumber, strawbwrries and rockmelon.

The kids got their bathers on one warm day and played on the trampoline.

A trip to the beach, walk/skateboard along the promenade and compulsory coffee.

We also made delicious burgers! I found a wholesale butcher who makes their own Wagu burgers. $10 for 4 huge patties. Bargain and they are great.

We have also had a few days at the beach house.
A good time had by all.

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