Monday, October 31, 2011

A good catch

Master J and My Mate went on their Annual Father-Son Camping trip over to Stansbury on the Yorkes Peninsula.
Previous years have not been so lucky with the fish biting!
BUT, this weekend they got a good catch.

2 Squid and 12 Blue Swimmer Crabs.
The good Mother that I am, felt obliged to cook them up!

I made salt and pepper squid.

Cleaned and cut up the crabs.

And made the most delicious Singapore Chilli Crab.
Recipe from going to use the same sauce with prawns over summer.
The crabs are a bit too fiddly for me..... too much work for little reward!
But, caught by my boys...Delicious!
Master J is looking into buying a vintage caravan so he can go more often.


  1. You're a much better mother than me - I would never have done any of that cleaning and cooking.

    PS Apple pie recipe please - a girl could go hungry waiting ;-)

  2. They look delicious! What a catch!

  3. Vintage caravan, he's a resourceful little chap! Crab looks worth the effort to me :)