Friday, September 23, 2011

More fabric and lace

Ive mentioned my Mum's, partner's, Mother Marion before. Well she has moved into a Nursing Home and wanted me to have all of her sewing stuff.

She wants it to go to someone who will make use of it, and will appreciate it.

So Mum dropped over a huge box and a basket full of ribbons, lace and fabric.

I was going through it today and have found quite a few things I will be able to use.
Loving the lace to pretty up a simple skirt for the girls.

Ill have to find my sewing Mojo.....been much more cooking going on here lately.
Then again...I am much better at cooking than sewing.
Perhaps I should stick with my strengths.

We are off to see the Smurfs at the Drive-in tonight!!!
The kids are so excited....but I dont think they even know what the drive-in is!
Got the snacks packed.

Ive got a funny drive-in story, but dont have time to write it now as Im off to school pick-up.
Will share it with you tomorrow.

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  1. How was the smurfs? Thinking about taking Abby (maybe Rory too?) during the holidays. Drive-in sounds fun!