Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was reading over on Ivy Nest this morning, Tania writing how she wants to limit her computer time and use her time more wisely.
I too have the same problem.... I think most of us who read blogs do!! I can waste hours of the day (as enjoyable as that is) reading blogs and pinning on pinterest and checking facebook!
And I really enjoy all the inspiration from other blogs, but rarely do I actually make anything or use these great ideas.
So its off with the computer for me as well. Because I really do feel better when Im getting things done in my real life.
Kids are growing up before our eyes, spring is here and Im off to enjoy it.
Well not off all together, just only checking blogs once a day.
Ill be busy catching up on work around the house, decluttering (because there is no better feeling, than chucking out some old shit!), playing trouble and scrabble with my kids and snuggling with my Mate in the evening.

And whilst Im making a few changes, Im sick of the same old food Ive been cooking. You know how it is with small kids, the same rotation of a few meals that they will all eat...well thats boring.
If you dont like it ...tough...or you can have cheese on toast or an egg!
Ive got 3 new recipes to try this week.
Tonights is Lamb and pasta bake with roasted tomatoes.
I bought some beautiful Lamb backstraps and have diced them up and they are marinating with onion,olive oil, oregano, cumin and sweet smoked paprika.
Yum, I cant wait.
Ill show you the finished product tomorrow when I log-on next!!
Until then I shall be quietly rocking in the corner in the foetal position withdrawing from cyberspace.


  1. There there, it's okay... foetal position, haha! I am guilty of too much small screen time too. On the up-side, I hardly watch any TV any more. Anyhow, good resolution, and when you feel the pull of electronics, head for the sewing machine :-)

  2. Yep, it will take over your life if you let it. Look forward to hearing about what you sew with all your free time. XX

  3. Too true... I have so many ideas to try from checking in on great blogs...just need to get to and do them...good luck with your withdrawal symptoms.