Friday, December 2, 2011

Gingerbread Biscuits

We put up the Christmas Tree today after school.
Its starting to look more like Christmas around here now.
Our decorations are a mish-mash of ones from when I was a kid, ones made by the kids, and way too much tinsell.
A bit of a mess really, but just the way I like it.
The kids were so excited, I love listening to them chatting together.
Last week we made some Gingerbread biscuits using Janes recipe.

They are delicious.

Decorated by the kids with some store bought hideously bright coloured icing.
Both school kids requested to take extra the next day for their friends.
This batch didnt last long.
They'll be on the baking list for next week too.

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  1. oh, so glad you had success with this recipe! Love the garish icing, the blue & yellow tree is a masterpiece :)