Friday, December 9, 2011

The Magic Cave

Living in Adelaide, Christmas is just not Christmas without a visit to the Magic Cave.
Merry-go-round rides, a ride on the huge rocking horses Nipper and Nimble and a look in the windows at the elves making the presents, and of course a chance to sit on Santas knee and tell him you've been good all year.

Master J came prepared with a 5 page list!
I saw him google "cool toys for 9yo boys"!
Santa was very good and reminded him that he would try his best to bring a few things from his list, but he did have a lot of children to look after and wouldnt want them to miss out.
Master J, being 9, is starting to question the realness of Santa, but still isnt quite sure.

Miss S loved the ride on Nipper and Nimble, and only asked Santa for a Barbie Campervan.
I always wanted one of those when I was little, so its off to the shops again!!

Miss E asked for a Fairy!!
Oh Dear....but I did find a cute tinkerbell and her friend with the dark black hair and blue dress.
They are beautiful, and she will be happy.

My Mate, has his work Family Christmas Picnic tonight.
There is face painting, temporary tatoos, jumping castles, mini golf and a visit from Santa who gives really great presents.
BBQ, $2 wine/beer, free fairy floss, donuts,slushies and icecream.
Kids love it!!

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  1. Sounds fun! Enjoy.
    It's nice to know that 9 isn't too old for sitting on Santa's knee!