Monday, November 14, 2011

Ballet Costume Complete

I was not rostered on to work on Sunday,so we had friends over for lunch.
After they left, My Mate had a quiet lay down in the playroom for a snooze, the kids were happily playing outside, so I popped into the sewing room to do a bit more on the ballet costume.
2 glasses of champagne under my belt helped things along......

With no interuptions I got it finished in no time.

Saturday, after 0830 swimming lessons,we rushed into the city to see the Christmas Pagaent.
We have been every year and the kids love it.
Me, well not so much, but I still remember how much I loved it as a child and I try to remember that.
So, we were late because of swimming and couldnt find a carpark.
"Anyone want to go home and watch it on TV??"
A resounding "NO" from the back seat.
We walked 4 blocks, were 1/2 an hour late, and way up the back...but we were there!!
Popped the oldest 2 up on kind of awning of a building to get a birdseye view.
Miss E was happy to draw on the road with chalk until Santa came along.
Master J in charge of the camera up on the awning.


  1. Impressive costume! S looks very happy with it. Pageant sounds like hard work. We didn't take them this year (I've never been) but Nanna did so they didn't miss out altogether.

  2. The costume looks just gorgeous! Gosh I've never sewn with those types of fabrics. Looks like all kinds of trouble but yeah a couple of glasses of bubbly can help things along :)
    I took Clem to the Pageant... it's quite an effort isn't it but worth it for the excitement of the littlies. And my sister always goes early and saves a spot which helps!

  3. Well done on finishing a great costume...and for being so persevering with the parade. A weaker woman wouldn't have!! x