Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ballet costume embarrasment

So, the leotard came together quite quickly and looked great.
Thought Id just get it checked by the dressmakers befor I finished it off.

I had 2 of the back panels on the wrong way!!
I was so embarrased!
They reassured me that they had each done this before, and a quick unpick and re-sew and it would be all better.
I have done just that and am happy to report that it fits much better now.

On a side note,
I pinned this swimsuit on Pinterest a while ago.
I love its shape and of course I love anything red.
And it looks really good on this body that has not birthed 3 kids!!

So, when I saw this at Kmart for $19 well......I couldnt resist.


  1. Bugger about the costume! Great cossie too. XX

  2. Noice bathers love. $19...bargain

  3. Hey, I think it's a triumph to have sewed at all with those sort of stretchy, slippery costume fabrics, and it clearly worked out in the end! Nice bargain bathers! Hey did you get my email about whether you might like some chickens if we hatch some??