Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wall Art

I bought this IKEA fabric ages ago with this project in mind.

I was de-cluttering my magazine collection.
I have Real-living since its inception in 2007!
I have always kept them for their good ideas....but never seem to have looked at them since.
So, Im going through them and tearing out the ideas I like and making a sort of design folder.
Pinterest in hard copy if you like!
Because hours spent on Pinterest are just not enough!!
When I saw this I knew I should get on with it and give it a go.

Off to the local discount art supplier for a canvas.
I bought a 91.4cm square one, $35. ( really 91.4!!!! couldn't possibly make it 1m??)

I ironed the fabric.
Already had my own staple gun.
The rest is history.

Hall way BEFORE



  1. So simple yet so stylish...great job x

  2. Clever girl, looks fantastic.

  3. GREAT

    love the fabric

    might wrap my kids in it and stick them to the wall!