Friday, May 18, 2012

Busy Busy

First up, the Homemade Dishwashing Powder is unreal.
Not only is it a 1 minute job to make, but it cleans the dishes as well, if not better than the comercial powder.
I will be sticking with this one.

Knee deep in Party preparation here at Number 6.
The youngest, but by no means the quietest of our Family has turned 5 and is SUPER excited.
There has been a surprise arrival of Nana from Sydney, a family birthday dinner with ice-cream cake, and a party is planned with 12 little 3-5 year old munchkins and an unreal face-painter.
The level of excitement has reached fever pitch and is about to boil over in a sugar induced meltdown any time now.
Ive had these pinned on pinterest from
Too easy to make, taste great, and look good on a huge white plate.
The kids dont care what it looks like.... but I do.
the fact that they taste great is a massive bonus.
I will be arrainging them on the large white platter, maybe in rainbow order of course, in all my spare time between now and the party!!


  1. Happy birthday Miss E! Last one off to school soon... gulp!

  2. Do you use the dishwashing liquid and vinegar in the bottom like they say on the website link. How much do you put in?