Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sewing classes

Ive been teaching a friend to sew.
She doesn't really need much teaching actually, she's pretty good.
In fact she's already attempting things Im not sure Im good enough to sew!

In return she's teaching me to knit.
Perfect weather to knit at the moment.

Ive knitted both girls a neck warmer to wear to school.
Pretty quick and easy.
And now on the needles Ive got myself a larger cowl in 2 different colours of the softest Italian merino wool.
Hope it turns out!

What I like most about knitting is that you have to sit!!
With 3 kids I usually dont get much time to sit.
But its been "sit and knit" here for a few weeks!!

I borrowed every good knitting and sewing book from the local library today.
Plenty of inspiration to flick through over the weekend.


  1. Nice work! Oh I have such a dream of becoming a knitter one day. Looking forward to seeing your own cowl :)

  2. Wow! Impressive for a beginner. Good idea for school to keep the girls warm.