Friday, July 13, 2012

School Holidays

Weve been pretty quiet here at Number 6.
The children were tired at the end of Term.
I like the holidays to contain plenty of down-time so they can recharge thier batteries.
But, we have been to the movies, watched a few DVD's, read, knitted, skipped, and played netball on the local courts.
Yesterday we went on a bush walk in Chambers Gully.
 Took some friends and a picnic.
 Saw 16 Koalas along the way.
 And an Echidna.
 We got caught in a Thunderstorm, much to the little ones horror!
 On to Waterfall Gully for hot chocolate to warm up.
School holidays coming to a close.
Its good and bad.
Ive enjoyed sleeping in and not changing out of my PJ's until 11am.
But, my baby starts school next week, so Im cuddling her a little closer whenever I get the chance.

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