Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long week

Ive had a hectic week with 2 of my kids being sick and home from school.
Im emotionally exausted and cant wait to go to bed each night.
Both on the mend and back to school today.
My Mate is out today at the Races....yes that is called work!!. so Im hoping he has a great day and stays out late, so I can be in bed at 7.30 when the kids go to bed.
But.... I do have to go into work tomorrow to do my Annual Competencies - CPR, Drug calculations etc. So that means I have to get all the kids lunches and school stuff prepared in advance for a quick exit in the morning.
Ahh the life of a Mother!!!

Something good did happen to me today, that is really going to help me wind down and relax.
I baby-sit for a friend when her Nanny is unavailable. She insists on paying me (which feels really wierd) considering I would do it for nothing to help her out.
So I looked after her daughter today for 2 hours. We baked a cake, played Barbies and Playdoh.
Whilst out running errands this afternoon, I spotted 2 magazines that I would like (but would normally be too stingy to pay for).
And I snavelled them up for my reading pleasure tonight.

Frankie and a new one called Feast.

Ive spotted this nice recipe (even if it is sideways!!...Any one know how to fix this? It was straight when I loaded it from the camera, but Blogger wants to put it sideways)

I might make it for Fathers Day this Sunday.

Baked Turkish Eggs. Yum!

Heres to bonus money to spend frivolously on ones-self! Such a treat!


  1. I was just wondering why you haven't been blogging and came over to see what's happening and whaddya know? You've blogged! Thumbs down to sick kids. Glad they are on the mend.

  2. Mmmm that breakfast looks good. Can you email me the recipe?