Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby its cold outside!

Cold snap here in little old Adelaide.
Master J is always borrowing my wheat bag to take to bed... leaving me out in the cold!

So, Ive had all 3 kids go through my fabric stash to choose a few favourite fabrics, and Im going to make them their own wheat bags.

So they can all be cuddled up, warm and toastie, in bed.

The earlier the better!!


  1. Yes it is freezing! We use hot water bottles here since our microwave blew up and we decided not to replace it. Nice fabric choices. XX

  2. It has been a bit chilly hasn't it. When I left Kindergym this afternoon it was 11 degrees by the time I got home after I'd done the groceries it was 7 degrees, so I hate to think what it will go down to tonight - bbrrrrr. Don't forget to post photos of the finshed wheat bags.