Thursday, May 12, 2011

Got to start somewhere.

Im starting a blog! I read all kinds of blogs daily, mainly food, craft, design and home. I am always so inspired by these busy ladies, Im hoping it will rub off a bit and get a little more productivity happening here!

I always cook every day, because that is really my love ( the eating that is), but I would like to fit in a little more craft, sewing and home decorating. Its not not the lack of jobs and projects to be done around this house..... Its more the lack of time and focused energy..and possibly organisation!

Ive had one of those days today where you get everything done and its only midday! Ive put some bread in the breadmaker, meat soup is bubbling away on the stove (Good old fashioned meat, veggies and pearl barley soup like Grandma used to make) but here we call it meat the kids will eat it! Ive baked a chocolate cake to take in to my sons class to celebrate finishing the NAPLAN testing today. I know Mother of the year!!!

Also I turned 40 this year, and its time to do some things for myself.

So, Cheers! Hang around and see if I can get my act into gear and get anything done!

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  1. Yay!!!! Congratulations on your first blog posting. I love the photo of you - says so much. ;)