Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My baby is 4!

My last baby Miss E turns 4 today so we are cooking her favourite meal and a Birthday cake.We have also hit the streets to test out her new bike.

Autumn is here, bringing its cold weather over the last few days. Today is mild and sunny, and the leaves are beginning to change.

The lemons are ripe.

And I found this healthy succulent. Im going to take a cutting from it when I go for another ride after school....Does anyone else do that?? My garden if full of freebie cuttings I gather along my walks in the neighbourhood. The basket on the front of Miss Es bike will come in handy to carry them home.

And these are mine. Pierre de Ronsard - I Love them.

I also love my veggies, although they are in need of a lot of work. They are overgrown with weeds and grass, but a few ever faithfuls have managed to find a space to grow.


  1. Happy birthday Miss E - can't believe you're 4 already.

  2. Thank you Judith, she had a lovely day.