Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New tops for the girls

Whilst at Kindergym yesterday, I spotted a little girl wearing a cute pale pink T-shirt, with a doily covered in white buttons and a little pink bow. It was so sweet.....I decided to make one each for my girls.

I drove straight to Target and bought 2 red T-shirts. They were on sale for $5.60.

Popped across the road to my favourite Op-shop and snapped up 4 doilys for $1.50.

Raced home to raid my button jar, and delight in choosing a nice range of vintage and new.

Arrange them a few times, decide which looks best. Sew the doily to the T.

Hand sew the buttons on and ..there you have it!

Really quick, easy and super cute! (if I do say so myself)


  1. So cute! And red rather than pink takes them out of OTT girly territory. Sigh... make the most of having little girls to sew for!

  2. So clever of you. We also have a mum and daughter who come in matching t-shirt and doily. Maybe you'd better pop back to Target...

  3. They are lovely! Clever you.