Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bali Food

Welcome drinks arrived to our villa with in minutes of our arrival.

A delicious spread arrived each morning at your specified time. Juice,fresh fruit, muslie and yoghurt, eggs of your choice (these were benedict), toast or muffins or danish or waffles or banana pancakes! And washed down with real coffee.

My favourite way to have the eggs was the omelette with baby spinach, garlic mushrooms and goats cheese. Divine.

We went to a (relativly) traditional Indonesian restaurant, and had these lovely vegetable Lumpia, Gado Gado and chilli chicken with cashew nut.

This was by far my favourite restaurant, Sardine. Set amongst its own rice paddy. You dont get much better than this!!

I had baramundi with roast vegetable cous cous, and a basil infused oil.

Melt in your mouth deliciousness!

My Mate had balckened Mahi Mahi fillet with baby vegetables and mango salsa.

But this little baby, was the softest, smoothest and most delicious of the lot.


Young coconut panna cotta with mango.

Man, Im going to have to learn how to make this, It was sooo good.

After a big night of Bar hopping drinking several of thost cocktails pictured yesterday, we ended up at Sarong. Run by an Australian Chef, It also was unreal.

This is was the state of the food when I remembered to take a photo!!

Pork Belly,Prawn dumplings, salt and pepper squid, stir fried broccoli and rice.

Ryoshi is one of our favourite japanese restaurants. It just happens to be in Bali. We ate here several times on our first visit to Bali in 1997. And true to form, ate here 2 days in a row this time as well.

Mixed tempura, sushi, udon noodle soup, gyozas. Yum.

So its not unusual to get home after eating out for lunch and dinner for 7 nights and crave some simple, basic, just like Grandma used to make, food.

Miss E and I had morning tea in the sun on the front porch. Pikelets, coffee and a hot chocolate.

This scene lasted for about 4.5 seconds, when the hot chocolate was spilt and my serenity broken.

Nothing a quick hose down couldnt fix!!

A remake of the hot chocolate.

A drying of the tears.

And start again!


  1. Oh, there are no words to tell you how envious this post has made me (and how hungry!) So glad you had a wonderful vacation (minus the spilt chocolate milk!)

  2. Yum! Even those pancakes look good. XX