Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pretty in pink

I made another make-up bag today. I really like this fabric. It was just one of those fat quarters from spotlight, but the colours are lovely.

I have made it with my friend in mind. But Im going to let her choose between the 2, and have the one she likes best.

Just look at that hand sewn detail on the flower. Can you even see that in this crap photo??

I only have a point and shoot camera. Might have to learn a few things about photography. That is abismal!!

Next thing on the list to sew is a travel type wallet to hold my passport and boarding pass etc. I found a great tutorial today. Im off to spotlight tomorrow for some interesting fabric and more interfacing and zips. Ill show you tomorrow.


  1. Passport??? I thought you were going to Byron Bay. Is this a different trip? Lucky you!! XX

  2. My camera doesn't take a good photo either - well I like to blame the camera and not the user. A new one is high on the list of "things" to get.

  3. That's very pretty! And your photos are much better than mine started out. I was very lucky that Andy bought a good DSLR camera 'for work' that didn't end up used much for work... I have laid claim to it. Even my first efforts with that were terrible and I really should read the instructions but it has made a difference.