Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel wallet

I made this travel wallet using a tutorial from The Cottage Home. And it has worked out perfectly. Just right to hold my passport and boarding pass on the plane. Ill use the note pad to write down the prices of thing I have bought, because the bartering can be fierce in Bali.

So many friends have given me great contacts and info for our trip.

We have been there before in 1997, we are expecting huge changes to the quality of shopping and eating there.

Im really just looking forward to lying on the daybed next to our private pool for hours on end!!!

My gorgeous friend Kerry gave me a new magazine and novel to take with me. Cant wait to get started on both.

Starting to pack, feels wierd getting the shorts and dresses out, when its so cold here.

Hope that volcanic ash is out of the way before Sunday!!!


  1. I think I could take a few lessons from you in how to tastefully combine five different fabrics! Lovely. Even the passport colour works in there! And... daybed... private pool... magazines... novels... sounds dreamy :)

  2. There'a nice breeze today so you should be right to go on Sunday. Have a lovely time. xx