Monday, June 6, 2011

Lemon Butter

I love homemade lemon butter, but dont make it nearly as much as I should. The lemon tree is full of lemons. So I whipped up a bowl full this afternoon. Oh man, I cant wait until tomorrow morning to have it on hot buttered toast. Yum

Whilst I had the custard powder out, I made a glam dessert of jelly and custard.

Put it in fancy glasses and the kids think its so special. It was yum, only problem is its all gone and Ill have to make more tomorrow.


  1. Yum! Might have the try the lemon butter too. And the jelly looks very fancy. A restaurant quality dish - ha! XX

  2. Oh yum... I can see there are enough jelly-n-custards there for mum & dad too! I would love a good lemon tree. Our house came with an old grapefruit tree - bleugh!

  3. For sure Jane, way I would miss out on jelly & custard!! We planted a lemon and lime tree when we moved here. They are not big but they keep us in citrus for the G&T's!!

  4. Yum to all of it.

    Did I tell you that the Thermomix makes lemon butter too. ;)