Monday, July 4, 2011

Active weekend

One of the little girls in Miss S's class had a Birthday Party on the weekend. Her Family invited us and 3 other Families to spend the day up on their farm in the Adelaide Hills.
Everyone had a lovely day. We went for a long walk down to the winter creek. It was beautiful.
We saw Kangaroos.

It was pretty steep!

Miss S had a swing on the rope over the water.

The boys played together.

We had a lovely lunch and Birthday cake.

No one wanted to go home ...including us.

It was so quiet and peaceful.

I want a Farm!!


  1. Me too!!! That rope swing looks fun! Did you have a turn too?

  2. Ah no Gilly. I wasn't up for a funny home video moment!!!

  3. Eep! That looks like so much fun!