Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our creative spaces...

I made this dress a while ago to sell at a Market. Miss E fits into it its hers!

Its a lovely jumbo Navy cord. Lined on the bodice and the fabric detail on the bottom from Spotlight. Large Navy buttons and your set.

It was an old copied, traced out pattern given to me by my friend Vanessa. No instructions, just make it I did. Ive made quite a few. I've had a lot of comments on this dress in the school yard. It is nice to see something different around, not your regular Target numbers.

Many more creative spaces over here.


  1. It's lovely! I love seeing little ones in one off pieces.

  2. We were at Parade yesterday. You know that fancy kid's shop on Melbourne St? This looks like it belongs there! It really suits miss E. XX

  3. Oh, I love Parade...but I never buy anything, just great inspiration!!!