Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Peasant Top

I have had this book for a while now, and there are quite a few things I would like to sew in there.
I must hurry up, because my girls are growing up fast and soon they will be too old to wear them.

So, I grabed some fabric Ive had for a while, and whipped this baby up in about 30 min.

Great attire for the upcoming Kindy season.

I added a bit extra for length. Will make the elastic around the neck a bit tighter next time.

Miss S has picked out the fabric she would like for her top. May start it this afternoon.


  1. Aw, so sweet! I know what you mean about the growing up. I feel a desperate need to sew cute things while my kids are still receptive!

  2. this looks really cute. I bet it will be comfy and cool for the summer.


  3. Hello! I made the same little top awhile back here
    Though I was very lucky to pick up my copy at the local library. I did make the pattern slightly bigger though. Have you made any of the other projects in the book?

  4. Hi Tania, yes I have made a skirt with a gathered pocket as gift for a friends daughter. There are a few other items Id like to make from this book. The capri pants are cute, and the balloon skirt.

    Funny you should message me...I was put on to your blog only 2 days ago by my friend Gilly. I put you on my blog list instantly and now am a follower.